About Video Terrorism

About Evil Staring

“Evil Staring is so much more than looking evilly at someone. It’s the symbiotic connection between one’s inner thoughts and the control of the outer facial musculature. That moment of union… is beautiful.” – Kym, Founder of Evil Staring

Have you ever sat in a cafe and felt the hairs on the back of your neck tingle? I have. Many times. It’s usually because someone is staring evilly at you.

Once the province of disgruntled men, woman, children and animals, evil staring has exploded into an international sport with participants from Australia (where the sport originated) to the wintery regions where penguins glare evilly at seals, killer whales and polar bears for hunting on their family members.

Many times have penguin lives been saved due to a well-placed evil stare. We, at the official Evil Staring website aim to promote this international sport and invite you to submit your photos to celebrate and participate in its sportsmanship.


“Sometimes when I’m upset at someone, I find a well-placed evil stare very cathartic.” – Kym, Founder of Evil Staring

Evil Staring began in the living rooms of two Australians, Kymmy and Simey, who noticed a rather disturbing trend; the proliferation of evil-looking photos of the Pope.

It was then that they thought to themselves, “Why does the Pope look so evil,” and, “Why does he exaggerate this with a red flowing cape behind him? Does his PR team not know what these photos look like?”

A quick google search and hours later, Kymmy and Simey discovered the hidden joys of finding photos of celebrities and cats caught in a rare unguarded moment staring evilly at their sworn nemesi.

Today, the art of evil staring is practiced internationally from Sprain to Uganda with many protesting for its recognition as a “real international sport”.

Evil Staring has devoted itself to the coverage of this growing behemoth-of-a-sport and has dedicated itself to the sole purpose of perfecting the evil stare.

Evil Stare Responsibly

Here at Evil Staring, we caution people to only practice this sport in proper locations. Evil Staring at the President of the United States of America during his public outings or at the police officer as he is writing your speeding ticket is probably not a good idea.

Evil stare safely and God bless!


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